Sunday, June 24, 2007

One Week Left

Hopefully you've made it safely to my "Blog" I've created this online journal so you can follow me around, sharing my thoughts and experiences. If you have any advice or thoughts for me along my journey it would be much appreciated.

Sunday, June 24 2007
Summary of my year in San Francisco: What a beautiful, gracious place you have been to me San Francisco. Thank you for keeping me safe, motivated and connected with people that I will love for years.
Being on my own and fending for myself has proven to be a true test of my courage and belief in my own validity. Never have I had to trust in myself so much. The beautiful thing about living in a city is that it is densely populated by people who you have no choice but to interact with. People are the most accurate mirror we have of ourselves, and I found it to be so clear what kind of person I am based on the variety of people who came into my life. There are things I've learned about myself that I do not like - which I'm striving to change, as well as qualities which I feel have sculpted me into someone I would like to share with others.

Thank yous

I would like to thank my parents for being the incredible people they are. Within this last year of being by myself, my eyes have opened to what loving and supportive people they are. There are qualities about myself which I have recognized as being learned behaviors from them...which I have grown to cherish as gifts which only they could give me.

Thank you Rozenbergs for being my secondary parents since I was so small. There are things in this world that could only be shown to me by your patient thoughts and advice. You taught me how to be a creator of my life, which is the greatest gift you could give someone. I love you very much.

Thank you Korens for being my best friends for so many years and helping me stay in the sunlight, You taught me about loyalty and being true to myself - beautiful things for you forever.

Thank you Dwyers for sending love in my direction at all times. You taught me about family and how no matter where we are, we always have eachother.

Thank you Dop for being a source of inspiration and love during my whole life. Know that I love all the things i've learned from you. I think you and I are genetically the closest, and I love all the similarities I have with you (Even my big feet). I have wonderful memories of the time that we spend together, from you i've learned to be a lady and to appreciate the beauty that eminates from so many things on this earth. I love you so much.

Thank you Cole for being my best friend. You know me so well and it is an honor to have grown up right beside you. You are one of my greatest sources of strength - When I'm afraid to do anything, the thing that helps me the most is for you to be by my side. I can't think of anyone who I would rather be on the same team with.

Thank you Schmidts, Talbooms, Muscarellas, Shoffits, Eva Woo, Jenny, Kendra, Micah, Tal, Rhaam, Denellis, Mortons, Melinda Mettler, Kevin Leung, Shane, Carlos, Nancy and Bud Davis, Jared Thompson, Courtney, Mara, Laura Lee, Allens, Jacob Stevens, Laurel, Shinmin Li and Kiril, David McGrane, Stuart Morgan, Randy Gordon, Bernard Stolar, Juanita Nessinger, Mary, Rachel Newlin, Scott Saunders, Mary Toberg, Uncle Pete and Sandy, Scout, Gerdie, Karen Lin, Jonathan Alloy and Sarah, Ofer Koren, Ryen Motzek, Majestic, Victoria, Rose, Hannah, Peter, Safta, Lev, Grammie, Pappa, Todd, Aurora, Kieran, Rachel Levitan, Nancy Lupo, Cameron Jackman, Ari, Merav, Yoni, Mrs. Goldthwait, Clark, Amy and Kelly, KellyAnne...If I forgot to write your name, I still love you I just can't remember this second...

Friday, June 8, 2007

Test Blog

This is my first log before my trip to Europe.