Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rosenheim Day 1

Today I decided to get lost by foot and explore Rosenheim.  My brother says "There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing" So I packed myself up and stayed warm for a few hours outside.  It's sunday, so there were no shops open at the time I walked, but there was the sound of church bells ringing.  There are two rivers that you can walk next to.  Many car dealerships, the town I got to had hotels and shops, restaurants and bars.  There were handfuls of people here and there walking like me. I've seen alot of Audi, VW, BMW, Citroen and Smarts today.  All in Black, Silver or Navy blue. Everything is in Helvetica here.  Noticeably.  When I walk, I get a lot of nice smiles and people saying "hallo!" and "Morgan!" 
Part of the breakfast Buffet - starting from the right we have nice dark bread, cake, vegetables, lox, cheeses, sliced meats, different olives/feta, crackers, jams, three different styles of eggs, fruits

Here was my simple breakfast.. Look at the china!

At the far end, there is an espresso machine, then different types of yogurt, different toppings for the yogurt like flax seeds, dried fruits and nuts, granolas, cereals. There is tea

The breakfast room

Yogurt area

View from the breakfast room

Tea with milk for Mom!

Friday, January 18, 2013

My arrival

It's official! I've travelled all the way to Rosenheim Germany, which is about 45 minutes away from Munich by Train. It is a small quiet town.  I have to say that my first impressions are that European services just really makes a point to be well polished and incredible.  My flight with Lufthansa was amazing to say the least - Economy class was the same as business class on other airlines I have been on (maybe not legroom wise, but definitely service wise).  They did not leave us alone - I was never bored, there was always someone very very nice and good looking coming down the aisle offering me tea or a hot towel or dinner or breakfast or water.  There were touch screens at every seat with all kinds of movies and television from different countries with English subtitles.  I arrived to my Hotel, brain not really working anymore.  It is absolutely GORGEOUS.  It's a renewed fortress from the 1500s and they really capitalize on that idea.  My room has a 4-post bed with canopy, there is mood lighting and heated floors.. Badet. Wifi. Can it get better? (The only thing I wish is that I could share it with a friend or relative.. It's really very special)

They delivered me Tiramisu in the night as a gift from the hotel.

The restaurant in the Hotel is beautiful too, there are little cutouts and hand-carved wood in the walls.  This is the "fitness salad" 

View from my room window

If you turn your head, you'll see the front desk offers me Millet, Spelt, Cherry stone or down pillows at my request. 
My unbelievable bed.  I took an 8-hour nap after I arrived.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Arizona Und Wunder trip

Latest Trip: I've been commissioned to travel to Germany for a design job.  It's a dream fulfilled for me, since I began designing, my vision was to be flown to different countries for design work.. I pretty much got precisely what I wished for when I was about 21. Before my trip I drove out with my brother to see my parents in Arizona.  
On the way to Arizona

Mom had banana bread ready for us

She makes this amazing egg cake thing for breakfast with green chilis, cheese and cilantro in it. 

The Aloe was blooming

Found a picture of me when I was little.. I think I look the same

Cole's new Accordian

Sunrise on the way to the airport

Kuma-san after I left.  He looks bummed.  I miss him

Our new friend Mohammed made us Chicken Kabsa for dinner.  It was ideal.

He cooked it in the pressure cooker, then broiled it.