Sunday, July 22, 2012

Parents Visit

Mom smoking that salmon from the Kenai river
My Special: Steam box filled with Sesame brown rice, lingcod with soy ginger glaze, radishes & greens, tsunamono cucumber salad on top.

Fishing for Reds

"Combat Fishing" is when people are lined up next to eachother like this.  Not such a serene experience, but you'll probably catch a fish.

Food & Nature

The beginning of some beautiful desserts by Tommy.
The sunset was illuminating the trees at the sleeping spot I found.  There was a little bit of fog that the sun just burned off and there was a beautiful red glow to everything.
My Special: Seared Rockfish with orange miso ginger glaze over seared garlic greens and sesame oil brown rice.
Breakfast spot. I love opening my door to scenes like this.
Tommy makes bread like this every morning.


View of the homer spit from my campsite. Looks like a chinese dragon.
My Special: Lemon Tahina, Tabouleh, grilled salmon, lemon rind.