Saturday, July 14, 2007

Chirpin-Hamun (Copenhagen)


I found where all the people are hiding: Copenhagen. I definitely need to visit this city again. There are incredibly old and gorgeous buildings here – the stones on the outsides have been stained by the elements over time and the roofs are made of copper which have become vividly green against the blackness of the stone. There was a Jazz festival in town today which attracted a large amount of people.

Ulla, Stina and I were tourists today and went around to the common places. There is a quality about the general attitude in Copenhagen that is very easy-going and quite warm. This is a special city because it is home to people of many nationalities, and yet it is scandinavianly clean. There are canals running through the city, which can be traveled by public transportation boat-busses. There is a constant juxtaposition in this city of old next to new – they recently built a new model of their public library right next to the old one, and this new one is called “the black diamond.” It is stark, black and pointy like a monolith, which is pressed snugly to the old, charming library.

Tomorrow Ulla and I are going to a Swedish summer house which has no running water or electricity – we get to fend for ourselves for a few days and then make our way back up to civilization in the big city.


Mom said...

The Library....That BEAUTIFUL fountain....Is that a beer in my daughters hand??? You look like you are having a ball. Can't wait for the video and I would love to see a picture of the horses, your picture would be fine by me.
My arms miss you,

Anonymous said...

What beautiful buildings and walk ways. I totally agree with you! Who wouldnt want to live there?

Anonymous said...

Love yea,
Kendra haha
I forgot to put my name.

david in detox said...

Whoa Copenhagen, yet another European city for me to visit. Looks like a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle. As for your last entry, mmmm heavenly shower... oh hello Mrs. Mayer... hey is that my phone ringing?

Aunt T said...

No Mom that is not beer in your daughters hand, its sparkling cider, the swedish are famous for it. Just keep telling her that Jessica. I got your back