Saturday, July 7, 2007

Good Morning Sweden!

4:30am, June 6th 2007

This is my first morning. There’s something about the milk here that is so incredible. I think it’s the freshness – the milk actually tastes like “comfort.”

I was greeted so warmly at the train station yesterday by a woman named Eva. She showed me how to slide my metro ticket in the machine and pass through, as well as which trains to use to get home. She showed me all about Ulla’s apartment (which is absolutely lovely) and even where the corner market is to buy food.

I was very lucky on my flight because I had accidently chosen the "baby isle" for my seating arrangement. There were 3 crying babies next to me when I sat down. I asked the flight attendant if there was a chance of another seat being open and she said the flight is full, but she will check for me.. So when we were in the air, she bumped me up to a better class, and that was so much more luxurious, I was very thankful and know to not choose the baby isle in the future.

I took a stroll down to the corner market. Maybe this part of town is the exception, but I could barely find any people around. It seemed like a college campus during the summer months. This morning as I’m writing, I can see that there is a road by the house which cars are driving on... but I cannot hear a sound. It’s a little eerie actually and I’m eager to find if this is the way of life in the whole city. Although there are no people walking around, Ulla’s apartment is securely locked like a bank vault and I have seen no one walking in the elevator or hallways of her building.

I looked around and saw a sea of fair skinned people with light eyes and light hair, fairly tall. I felt like they were looking at me noticing how foreign I looked – I stood in the public restroom fixing my hair and noticed I appeared just like the other women around me. So far I have not been greeted in English – which is a good sign that I don’t look like a tourist, however I feel a little bit funny talking back to them in English.. I wish I was part of their secret language club.

Ulla’s apartment is small but lovely. The colors remind me of Dop (my grandmother)... but more importantly I see that I have a Swedish design aesthetic. Royal floral prints that don’t take themselves too seriously- With irregular, complex color combinations. The home is sparsely furnished, but the wooden floors, rugs, colors and artwork on the wall make it very pleasant. She has an enclosed balcony with big opening glass windows overlooking the most green, tree filled grove I have ever seen. I can see there’s a lake hidden between the trees. I fell asleep on her balcony yesterday evening.



Craig Golding said...

You've made it! Congrats, and don't worry, you'll soon be part of the secret language club...

Cake Designer said...

Hey SMOR.... that is gooood butter! Eat plenty for me.

Congrats on making it to Europe. I'll be sure to follow your blog religiously and live vicariously through you until we can meet in Zurich or where ever you make yourself available. Make sure to get photos of cute men as you come across them. You know, ask them for directions, note their lovely voices, and then take a picture of them and say, "like I can't help it, I'm like a tourist."


Anonymous said...


Have a great time. It looks like a wonderful trip. We miss you in iv'reet b jcc!


Anonymous said...

jessica! i'm alreaday addicted to your blog. Hope you are having fun! xx christian

Don Lawson said...


Hvor har du de?

I'm jealous I spend 5 yrs in Scandanavia (long time ago) I miss it from time to time. Where are you of to next.

Har de godt..


Anonymous said...

Hi gorgeous! Im so proud of you and your accomplishments. Look at you, so daring and witty. haha I miss you and it will be a while, im assuming before we get the chance to hang out again. I love your blog and I will check it as often as possible. Im so jealous of you, wish I could be there. Love you girl!