Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Malmo and Ystad

June 7th, 2007

Today I got to see a very good theatre performance called “Tarteuff” – which is a Molier play. The performance was at an outdoor venue in front of an old Swedish castle. Although I could not understand the words, I was impressed with how ornate the costumes were and I could usually tell what was going on because of their extraordinary acting.

During this performance, I met all of Ulla’s friends and family. There are 2 girls who are 16 and 19, who I feel have a world of class and elegance compared to any teenager I have ever met in the states. One of the actresses in the play who is wearing the big purple dress is actually the owner of the bed & breakfast which I am staying at. She is a long-time friend of Ulla’s back when they went to performing arts school together.

The bed & breakfast is part of an old-country farm house. There are no carpets, only tiles and cement, but the rustic quality gives it so much charm. I have my own small bedroom with wooden floors and a twin-sized bed, and I couldn’t feel any more luxurious. I have never been so welcomed and loved by a group of new people before. We all shared hors-d’oerves (which was crackers with raw salmon and cheese) with some apple cider. I had a good chance to stand and talk with everyone.


blarmey said...

How did you get the dog to yelp like that?

blarmey said...

Terrific photos, by the way.

blarmey said...

and hi-res, too!