Monday, July 23, 2007

The night train blows.

I was enthusiastic about it and was definitely up for the adventure, but this was just painful. So I got to my Cabin which was shared by 5 other people. I had no idea how to put my heavy bag up on the racks near the ceiling, so I had a tall man help me. There were 3 teenagers in the room with me so far, I started a conversation, but they did not know how to speak English very well. Their actions however were entertaining enough to watch.. On a night train, the beds aren’t set up when you walk in, there are two bench seats facing each other with 3 people on each seat with a fold down table coming from the window. It is a little bit difficult to not look around and have eye contact with your opponents all the time, which adds a little bit of discomfort if you can’t speak with them. There were two older men who came in and finished the wagon quota, They were both silent, making no eye contact with me. I decided to draw a little bit and listen to my music. After a short time I started a conversation with the older man next to me, and although we did have a good conversation about what where he is traveling to and what he does for work, the moment we stopped talking, he was completely silent after that. I know life is a mirror, so I was careful to observe my interactions with these people…maybe I come across that way to strangers?
The sun here does not really set during the evening…It is called “the Midnight sun” so it was difficult to fall asleep once the beds were put down, and I was constantly awake due to the sounds around me, including the sound of two teenagers doing something full of movement in the same bed above me throughout the night.

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blarmey said...

Normally a night tip is favorable. But with 5 other people and when the sun doesn't set?! Yikes. I'm not a pill-popper when I travel, but a Xanax would have served you well at that time.

I have a fish! Freddie the Red Fierce Fish Fighter.

Ooh, by the way, Capt J-May, I have a new website for watching Voyager (and 21 Jump Street).