Monday, July 30, 2007

Rudolf the reindeer roll

Today was the PDOL festival – (Piteo dancing and smiles). The festival was in the evening, so after breakfast in the morning we took the car to the main town Piteo and went shopping together. Were you aware that H&M is actually a Swedish company? I actually found some clothes that I really liked. Its fun to buy clothes in another country, because they’re just a little bit different than what you can get in the states. The whole day was a little bit rainy and grey, but we dressed warm for the festival and saw some good Swedish bands. There’s one band that we saw which I guess is very famous here – The Boo Caspar Orchestra - I was very close to the stage and everyone seemed to be having a great time and dancing with each other. There was a whole avenue of street food and I happily devoured a Reindeer Roll. This is flatbread with reindeer meat, lettuce, sautéed onions and some kind of mayonnaise sauce. It was awesome. I realized that there was a miniscule chance that I could have been eating Dasher, Dancer, Donner or Blitzen – but that did not stop me.

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