Saturday, July 14, 2007


I made a new friend named Kalle (Cal Eh). He’s about 11 years old and the son of one of Ulla’s friends (Stina and Lasse). We’ve been playing on the Wii and the game cube. He of course wins at Super Mario Kart every time we play… but the language barrier between two people becomes less thick when you play a game with them. Ulla and I have become a A Swedish traveling duo and are staying together at Stina & Lasse’s parents house while they are away. After seeing a few Swedish homes thus far, I’ve noticed some trends: Lots of artwork hanging on the walls – usually artist’s lithographs and etchings, small sculptures of horses, and many candelabras. Every door In the house is usually closed – even to the bathroom – So its always a little bit easy for me to get lost in a house here.
Ulla took me to meet with some neighbors in the countryside – there were two sisters there… One of the sisters there is a painter, and the other sister is a graphic designer for a large book publishing firm here in Sweden. It was fun to talk with her because she uses the same software that I do, and she designs book covers. I spent the rest of the evening like a family member at Stina and Lasse’s house, and felt very cozy.

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blarmey said...

When I worked at the ADV office, I would close all the bathroom doors, too. Melinda gently chided me, for what? I don't know. Maybe she was showing off her citrus air freshener.