Saturday, August 4, 2007

Elvis lives


I am so glad I trusted myself and came to Valencia. I knew I made the right choice the moment I stepped off of the train. The architecture is how I imagined Spain to be, and the colors of the buildings are bright and happy with lots of sunshine and happiness. There are aromatic restaurants and markets, and very kind reception from the people on the street. I found a man who spoke English and he was very good at helping me get to my Hostel. There is so much to see here, and I feel good knowing that I made a correct decision for myself.

My hostel is stunning and the receptionist from Holland is more than accommodating. The welcome felt like one at a 5 star hotel and the place has so much character. I actually have a room to myself, and each room has a different theme – mine happens to be the “Sexy love” room…I have a mirror on my ceiling, and a leopard print bed with an Elvis lamp on the night stand. I took a walk outside the hostel and although the shops were all closing due to Siesta, I managed to find a small chicken shop selling rotisserie pollos with roasted potatoes and Aioli – job well done. Today I had a talent for finding my way back to the hostel in this old labyrinth town with no map. I simply told myself how I’m just going to run into my hostel by chance…and I did. I felt so lucky.

Traveling by yourself takes so much energy…I hope to get this down to an art, the draining part is figuring out where to put your stuff and how to feed yourself and where the hostel is, and trying to do all this without freaking out when no one speaks your language. I have really had to exercise my “stay calm” muscles and just accept each moment with the possibility that it will become better and everything will work out.


Mom said...

WOW!!! The way you write I feel like I am there. I admire you my sweet, for being able to face your fears. I don't think there are that many of us who can get out of our comfort zone like you are. You make my heart pound right along with you. Kisses, Mom

karen said...

the only thing your missing is two kids.

karen said...

Jessica try to find the market places. I know you would really appreciate them. Loads of fruits, cheeses, bread, chocolate, etc. etc. You could wander for an easy hour, pick up some food, take fantastic pics. very fun.

blarmey said...

Your mom is right. I get nervous reading about your momentary trepidation and breathe a sigh of relief when everything turns out well.

I kept myself up last night for two things

1) Episode 1, season two of Quantum Leap, which I suspect was shot during the writer's union strike in the late 80s-it was so bad that I was motivated to get out of bed and get some shut-eye--

2) which didn't come since I was fantasizing my own travels/travails. I've never been traveling on my own, and I'll make sure to make an offering to the travel gods and for their intrepid worshipers.

Rachel said...

That room is great! As long as you don't turn the blacklight on in that place. Sexy love might have left it's 'mark' if you know what I mean...