Friday, August 3, 2007

Train showers>Not for the elderly


I would say that paying an extra $30 for the 3 person cabin instead of the 6 person cabin is definitely worth it – there are many more luxuries. For instance, in a 3 cabin there is an actual vanity with a sink and mirror inside the cabin, as well as a shower facility in the same wagon. The shower was surprisingly good – however I think in America the lawyers would have sued the hell out of the train company because there is no traction material on the floor, no handle bars, and the train rocks back and forth unexpectedly. But the shower is spacious and that supplied towels and shampoo. Dispite the added comforts and talkative, kind roommates – I still did not sleep and was very irritated throughout the night due to an air conditioning unit placed directly above my head, blowing air into my face throughout the night. My throat symptoms were definitely exacerbated.

Ulla is a saint and let me take a 3 hour nap on her bed when I arrived in Stockholm. I woke up ravenous and ate enough for 2 people on a winter day. I explored a little at a new train stop and was very pleasantly surprised – there was a magical quality in the air temperature and I made a stop at a homeopathic pharmacy…which is a popular store here in the EU.

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