Monday, August 13, 2007

Vagabonding in Venice


We found our way to the island of Venice and were immersed in gorgeous old buildings, canals, gondolas, and of course – people. We all agreed that if we got separated, we would just meet up at the hostel later in the evening. Hanna and I were instinctually feeling our way around the labyrinth that Is Venice – while Kelly Anne and Jenn were going by their trusty map. The stores were selling Gelato, Masks, and Venetian Glass – I was surprised at how accurately The Venetian in Las Vegas depicted its mother city. I don’t remember where, but in a certain plaza we did happen to get separated – the mappies together and the wanderers together…which I guess is a logical thing to happen anyways. Hanna and I vagabonded around sitting on quiet dead ends with gondolas floating by and taking artistic pictures. Hanna is a Graphic Designer as well, and today was inspiration for the both of us. We took pictures of textures on the walls and of posters that we thought had great design. We had good food and found the peaceful residential areas with old couples staring outside their little windows at us.

As it became late- because we had no map- we had to feel our way back to the bus…we didn’t worry, and eventually did find it based on landmarks and quirks that we recognized on our journey. We found a little restaurant with only Italians eating inside before we took off and had very, very good food. I had a whole grilled sea bass with salad, and Hanna had some huge noodles with a mushroom and olive-oil sauce. We had wine and bread and were so pleased with the way we had intuited an incredible day together.


Marcia Sanderson said...

Hi girls,
Can you believe you've been having such adventures??
I've read some of the previous blogs....Jess, you're a marvelous writer in addition to your art.
Looking foward to reading more.
Love to all,
Gramma Marcia

KL said...

Venice!?! I'm so jealous! So is Paolo. Ciao.

Mom said...


david in detox said...

graphically inspirational pictures? i want to see what you got! venice was a blast for shopping and guzzling big beer and sipping strong coffee, which left me to little or no picture venturing. making me wish i was back there already!