Monday, August 13, 2007

Valencian Rooftops


I made such a good friend at this Hostel – Hery name is Lysette from Holland and she speaks a range of languages. There are two kinds of people: open and closed ones, and its very easy to spot the open ones when you arrive at a hostel.

There is a museum here with incredible modern architecture. Its buildings looked like exotic laien insects perching themselves on the ground, waiting or the next millennia to open themselves. There was only enough time to take photographs of the exterior, it was easy to create a good composition in my camera because a master architect had already thought out the perfect angle of every corner.

I met up with Lysette, Diana, and Kain at the beach and I felt like aI had injested a happy pill. Lysette and I played Frisbee, acting like Frisbee performance artists, and then acted like puppies and mermaids together in the warm sea.

I’ve found my favorite part about traveling is how quickly you can make a vest friend without even knowing them before.

Everyone try this Salad:

Get some exotic greens that you like (baby Lettuce, Spinache, Arugula, etc…) toss it with this dressing:


Olive Oil


Place halved cherry tomatoes, walnuts and a soft salad cheese like feta on the top.

I ate tapas with my new group of friends and we laughed and ate and drank. I feel so alive. Lysette invited me to stay the night at her house and I shared the living room with Kain and Marcello – who were both good people that I felt comfortable around. We sat on old couch cushions on the balcony drinking tea, overlooking the old roof tops and stars of Valencia. I feel very touched by being invited into someone’s home – I think this is one of the kindest mitzvahs which can be made.

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