Saturday, September 8, 2007

Kalabaka Market and a Happy Butcher

September 7, 2007

Today was the big market day and Mara and I went down to see what they had to offer. It was similar to the other markets I have seen, except there were many stands selling bras, underwear, and other clothes. I have no idea how one would purchase a bra without trying it on first, but apparently other women here in Greece have not problem with it. I bought some dried apricots and honey for my friends back in Sweden. Katerina made us some Tomato and bean soup for lunch, and we all watched 300 together on the couch. I am really excited to go take a hike tomorrow and climb up to the top of these huge rock formations to see some ancient monasteries which have been placed there thousands of years ago. Its quite amazing they hauled anything up to the top of these rocks, much less building materials. It’s a very special feeling to have these giant rocks surrounding me. Having them there brings a sense of comfort and if they were suddenly taken away I think the town would feel very exposed like its security blanket has been removed.

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