Thursday, September 20, 2007

Reggae on the Sand

September 15th, 2007
Suf, Eldad and I went to the sea at night where there was a tent lit up by pink and yellow lights. It was a Reggae concert in the middle of the beach. We all took our shoes off and danced reggae style in the sand to the music arranged by the DJs. If you ever have the chance – go to a reggae concert to feel how everyone is so accepting – and simply enjoying the music. A guy started dancing with me. He said “You’re so hot.” I was like “Thank you.” Then a few minutes later he said “you want to make out?” Classic….I said “no.” then he said “ok.” I could only see the sand illuminated by the moon while I walked with 2 other girls to the sea. We got in – only with our legs, timid to get our bras wet. Mine got wet anyways so my new friend and I decided to just take our tops off completely. I got into the warm sea with no top and felt so free. I said “Ohh! Guys are so lucky!” we laughed and enjoyed the middle eastern stars – returning to the tent – braless and loving it. We ended up sleeping on the beach – our friend had set up a small village of about 5 tents, with an air mattress in between. I did not sleep - but I was happy to be witnessing this moment underneath a canopy made of stars.


Mom and Dad said...

You should start taking pictures of everywhere you go the gnome from Amelie...he, he, he, he

Mom and Dad

blarmey said...

I can't believe your mom and dad just said that (on the internet yet!). I feel like I was raised in a freakin' island of virgins and eunuchs!

God bless awesome parents!

blarmey said...

Oh and I don't object to their proposal, either ;)