Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Etching: Girl with Tea

This is an etching I have made from a drawing I created this year. She is so beautiful and peaceful, I find her to be an inspiration of femininity and charm. She is hand- watercolored.

This is a pure zinc plate, etched by acid, over a hard ground resist.
Here's some of the process:
After the plate is made (which i'll explain in another post one day)

I spread ink over the surface and use a combination of starched cheesecloth and newsprint to wipe all the ink away from the "un-etched" areas.

I then carefully place the pl registering it on the bed rulers. ate on the press,Then goes the paper which has been soaked in water, then on top of that lay the thick press blankets, then I turn the wheel and watch what comes out the other side!

Its a wonderful process because everything is so tactile - a wonderful change from creating art on a computer. The print you're seeing is hand watercolored, and I do have 25 of those for sale, as well as 200 plain black & white ones (which is a very classic look) If you want to buy, visit my ETSY STORE

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