Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day 4 Model Label & Letterpress Books

Wakie Wakie Eggs & Bac-ie!

Here's the label for the boxes that I'm packaging the cervixes in - thought it turned out really well:

Also I got to go work in the studio today downtown.. I love this studio, it's filled with old printmaking equiment and huge windows that let in tons of sunlight, overlooking South San Francisco. I went there because they have huge cutting tables for this project I finally have time to work on. It's a letterpressed book called "it's Nice to be Nice" - filled with little memories I have of things my Grandfather used to tell my mom and she used to tell me. Ways to be courteous to other people and to just be "nice" for lack of a better adjective.
I'll show you the finished books soon, the printing for this was the most fun part - My mom came to visit and we were in the studio together working on the press. She was my supreme helper, we got it down to such a rhythm. This little book is infused with good memories and feelings :) Below are some pics of the studio as well as me cutting/folding the pages for my book.


Ron Nabity said...

Hi Jessica,

The book project sounds interesting - will any copies be available?

Ron N (in Sacramento)

Jessica Mayer said...

Hey Ron!
Yes actually.. I'll have these for sale on my website soon, i'll send you a link :D