Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Finally I finished these Cervix Medical Models. This was a really long process! It took a very long time to figure out exactly what materials I needed to use for the model itself so that it can be clamped and sewn into like real flesh.. and still be transparent enough to see into the pink "core" area..
The awesome part has been creating the stand for it, which you saw in my previous medical model post. In one of the pictures you see liquid silicone being poured into a mold that I made.. It takes about 1 day for it to "cure" and become its mature, bendy silicone self.

For you DIYers, I figured out how to make custom plastic packaging using sandwich bags and a woodburning kit. There's a picture of it below - but the trick is to pick out a woodburning tip that is somewhat rounded yet pointy (not too sharp) There needs to be enough surface area in contact with the sheets of plastic so that they melt together instead of just being cut. The next important part is that the two pieces of plastic are TOUCHING eachother.. If there is any air between the plastic sheets, it won't melt together, it will just cut. I used a metal chopstick to hold the sheets in place, and I ended up making pretty cool packages for my silicone models (which I wanted to keep very clean in transit). Hope you like! - I'm super proud

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