Wednesday, May 23, 2012


My dog Kuma continually impresses me.  He has the ability to play with his whole boy like a whild, but is always aware of the humans.  If someone leaves the group for a moment, Kuma will go find them, then return back to the group.  When I woke this morning, Cole had already initiated the morning ritual which begins with walking the dogs.  I used the quiet time to explore the magic woods alone, breathing the moss crisp air.  I wandered down a small path away from camp, finding a lush green dark forest bottom.  Followed my ears to a babbling brook with spoft, flowing moss snuggling its side.  In being there rewarded my sense of discovery and I realized I wanted to come back to that place later to fully appreciate all of  all of its qualities.  I walked back towards camp, and after a long time realized that the surroundings no longer felt right, or familiear and I was confiused about where I went wrong… As soon as I began to feel worried, the light bell sound of Kuma’s collar tags grew closer and closer.  My beautiful dog came to get me.  Then he lead me back to camp.  Kuma had been with cole with Cole and suddenly did not listen to his commands anymore.  He ran off outside camp to come retrieve me.  This experience really effected me.  I really was in no danger other than feeling a little concerned, but he had the wherewithal to think of me despite how fun it is to play with the other two dogs. 
            The mornings have developed a regimental schedue – Cole wakes up first and lets Bebe and Otis out of his and Rache’s tent.  Then I wake up to two noses poking into the rainfly of my tent and kuma’s increasing excitement.  When I open the tent, kuma escapes to meet his friends while the friends wag into my tent to come get goodmorning love.  The chain reaction then continues – cole takes the dogs outside of camp, I get some alone times in the clean air… Tom rustles in his tent for a while before crawling out of his pink tent and finally Jrret comes out.  We’ve repeated this ritual for 5 days now.  Morning is my favorite time.  The sells are clean, all is illuminate, the mood is calm and cozy.  No words are spoken at first, just the hiss of coleman cooking the espresso water.  To the background texture of the  of the waterall, Tom made an oatmeal for the group with honey, cinnamon, chopped almonds, dried cranberries and coconut oil.  Dogs wearing backpacks lead us up a mountain road that occasionally gave us the view of undeniable Mr. Rainier.  It took up a third of my vision with bright white triangles.  We took a group rest in the woods.  Dogs rolled around and nipped eachothers necks in patches of snow, this was another group discussion about what to do next with our day.  Do we stay around this campsite or go to Mr. Raineier, or head up to Seattle?  Seattle it is.  We packed up camp after a falafel veggie bacon wrap party in the woods and arrived to beautiful seattle in the late afternoon.  Our first destination; coffee shop with internet.  We seem to have a group consensus that we want to move to seattle.  Of course, the weather wato move to seattle.  Of course, the weather to move to seattwas clear.  Yet again, Rachel came through with a lovely friend who let us stay in her home for the night.  She’s a master flutist and knows how to plany many inspriments.  She is sweet and loving, feminine enjoying the night with us while we try to cook our fresh vegetables before the the Canadian border tomorrow.  Something I did not foresee – that the border will not allow fresh fruits or vegetables.  We all had a feeling about this, but no one verified before the trip shopping.  Maybe #30 lost.  WE gae the excess to our lovely house hose.  Refreshing to sleep in dooors and take a hot shower.  We haven’t been camping ver long that it feels necessary, but it sure feels good. 

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