Thursday, August 9, 2012

Current happenings

Homer Small Boat Harbor
This was hot magenta
Alaskan Fireweed Flowers
Cole and Rachel picked these berries across the bay. Salmon Berries, Watermelon berries, blueberries. We made a crisp out of them in the dutch oven.
Tommy's special: Seared Scallops, PakChoy, Mascarpone garlic cream sauce, brown rice.
Rachel and Cole got a beautiful accordian
Tommy and Anthony in our kitchen
We always do something a little different with our extra bread dough.. today was a little rhubarb pocket pie.
Me after 5 double shifts.  Cooking like a freak.
Happened to find the funniest grocery list on the floor at the market. "Chick food" is?
Cole & Rachel's Boat
Maria's Latte Art.
Alaskan Fireweed.  They make jam out of it.
Anthony trying out the accordian

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