Monday, July 30, 2007

Camping in the Front Yard

Since I got here us girls had the fantasy of building a tent in the front yard and sleeping in it. We finally got around to doing it tonight. Johanna and I put the tent up and then we all filled it with comfy mattress pads and blankets. Although we were too tired to really stay awake in our new outdoor palace, we still stayed awake long enough to get a few laughs and strange pictures in. Forgive me if I offend anyone with my pig face. I didn’t know I had a pig face…but now I believe its my speciality.
Earlier in the day the girls and I went into the main town on our bikes and visited the travel agency. Travel agents are my new best friends. They speak English very well and help you figure out where to be and when – I decided to take another night train down to Stockholm, but this time I reserved a cabin for 3 people instead of 6. We’ll see if that is worth the extra $30.00. There’s something about the trains that I did not account for – Although I bought a Eurail pass, that only covers the price of the ticket.. but for all long train rides, it is necessary to pay for a reservation on the train. I have been told that it is usual for people in Sweden to simply not talk to strangers on a train or bus, and even for Swedish people it is very boring to sit amongst strangers. This time I want to break that barrier and hopefully make some new friends. It feels so uncomfortable sometimes to make a conversation with someone when it very much feels like they don’t want one with you. I’ll be more brave.
The girls and I made a special visit to Ingmar’s house (their uncle), and en route, we got caught in the rain… typhoon-like rain. We were completely soaked by the time we got to his house. Ingmar is very good at keeping records of our family, and he had a whole collection of photo albums to show me with pictures of members of my own family including my grandmother as a child and her mother (the one who looks like me) as well as my great grandfather, etc. It was so special to see all of the people I know interacting with each other in the past.

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Uncle Pedro... said...

It's so weird to here you speak about my grandparents being your "great-grandparents." Oooo-reality, but truth!