Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Julia´s Birthday

Julia was awoken this morning by a whole singing family and presents layed upon her bed. We sat and watched her open each present on her bed and enjoyed some birthday cake this morning after breakfast. Johanna and I painted outside for a little while and I showed her some sketching techniques I had learned in art school. Julia and I were her models and I helped her to draw the correct proportions and how to “gesture sketch.”
I could have chewed someone’s arm off for some peanut butter today, so I bought my very own jar at the store. No one in Sweden eats peanut butter, and it was in the specialty baking section. We all prepared the food for Julia’s birthday party and around 6:00pm, the guests arrived. The guests were more members of my distant family and I was so pleased to spend time with them. Sweden has fantastic summer time games for the outdoors, I ran around and sang and opened packages – it was wonderful.
In one of the pictures, I am standing above a man with his head turned... This is Ulla´s eldest brother Ingamar, who has spent time with my father and both his parents in America back in 1970. This is very special because my Grandfather had died even before my mom could meet him. I will visit his home this week to look at pictures from the past. Very heartwarming.

I have so much love for these girls, I feel like they are sisters that I never had. Tomorrow we plan to go shopping in the nearest town - I can´t wait!


Mom said...

I don't think I have ever seen you more happy or more beautiful.


Watchful Eyes said...

HI Jessica,

Thank you so much for sharing your adventure via this blog. It has really hit home & has been fantastic to put faces on Mom's-our direct heritage and where they live. Please say hello and extend an offering to visit with us in Oregon if they travel the States.

It's interesting to see how folks in other countries - places live. The one thing seeming so different is from them being so far North; and the length of day light. It will be so fun to sit and talk with you, view pictures, stories & who's who when you've returned to the states.

Great travels Jess, take care & thanks again for your blogness action :-) Love to you & your host's,
Peter & Sandy

blarmey said...

That backlit photo is very cool. The light is very gentle and even. How did you do that? With flash? Or with a FujiSan GX7000 reflector?

You and Julia are dressed the same :) You ARE related.

blarmey said...

Or was that Johanna?

Dop said...

Your dad just showed me your blog....fantastic pictures!
Everybody looks over joyed.
Hi to everybody.
All the berries made me druel. When I was there, I picked wild blue berries. I had my 18th birthday in Boden with about 12 girl friends- daughters of my mother's friends. We sang and had candles and packages and a heck of a day to remember.