Friday, August 31, 2007

August 27th, 2007

Well, I’m in Paris. Its all so surreal for me – Paris is something I have always seen in the movies and I didn’t really expect for it to feel the way it does in all of its depictions. I walked the Champs de Elyses today, walking into a few clothing shops – They have impeccable style here. You don’t know anything about fashion until you go to Paris. I have to fight the urge to buy a lot of things. The cloths I brough are very un-stylish compared to what the Parisians wear. Thanks fto Rick Steves I knew to go into the massive Sephora store. I think I stayed for 2 hours. I found a beautiful girl with simple make-up and I asked her to help me with my own eye-make up. She was so sweet to me and did exactly what she does to her own eyes to mind. I bought the things she recommended and then I asked her which kind of perfume she likes. I’ve learned to recognize people who have similar features as me – and they almost always like the same exact things I do. I bought my first perfume – Gucci number 2, and she showed me the right way to use it. You myst spray it on your neck about 3 times – then spray over your hair. If you are wearing a skirt, you spray it there as well so it smells when it flutters in the wind. I believe the French people have acquired a natural sex appeal about them. I walked into the park and the benches were occupied by young couples – melting into each other.

What to do now? Kira from Germany had given me a map of her favorite places in Paris and without her I would not have found my way to this special place near the Pompideaux center. The streets are lit by the warm glow of Cafes which have all their doors and windows opened. You feel like you can walk into a restaurant from anywhere because the windows are really doors that reach the ground. I walked and walked past so many open-air cafes, looking at the menu du jour, but not finding exactly what feels right – until I found “Le Pain Guotidien” – The wooden tables are unpolished. There is bread resting on the shelves and French women and men are sitting and talking eating their soups, tartines and dsalads. Yes – this is the perfect place for me. I felt so alone and afraid on the street – but now I feel very cozy and safe. I ordered a vegetable soup which came with big slices of moist, organic bread. I’ m writing in the place now and I can only try to describe how it feels. I feel completely content. Like if my heart stopped at the next moment, I would feel that the time was good. No person is in a rush, and there is so much enjoyment here. Even outside the restaurant I see people simply enjoying themselves. What an incredible environment – to just be surrounded by contentment. I am sitting with my tea and I feel like I’ve fallen in love. The ferfume on my chest is amplifying my mood. I can see why people like it here so much. I asked for magic earlier on the train today and I feel like I got it. We are such sensorial creatures and I think France has mastered indulging us in the most instinctual way – Food, smells, sex. Never forget this.

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