Friday, August 31, 2007

Pikachu at the Eiffel Tower

August 28th, 2007

I have heard many people say that French people are not so accepting of foreigners, even from neighboring countries. I am so lucky because of my circumstance – I’m traveling alone so every country I visit, people assume I am a local. I also dress somewhat nice – therefore people always speak to me in their native language. I have actually received much kindness in France from both men and women – and it helps that I can say a couple words in French. A man came up to me on the street yesterday and spoke French to me – he was shocked when I told him je ne comprend pas Francais, he said “You look so French! You have such a skinny face – aren’t all American girls Fat?” So funny what we all think about eachother.

My Roomate at the hostel is from Taiwan and though we can barely sommunicate, I understood she is alone here in France for a few weeks and does not speak anything but Taiwanese. We went together to the Eiffel tower and took photos of eachother. Trying to make conversation – I mentioned Pikachu and a couple words I know in Chinese. She followed me to a hidden street market that I learned about from Rick Steves. While I was pretending tI speak French and tasting the perfect cheeses – my friend I think did not know what to do with herself. I believe she must be very shocked culturally. A cheese that tasted like manna from heaven to me – was completely repulsive to her. After another hour of this I felt bad for dragging her around with me, so we separated – I hope I did not hurt her feelings. Sometimes I feel like the Universe and its people are so generous to me – and I don’t give anything back. I want to share and help more. I made 3 canadian friends and we all went to a Parisian cafĂ© late at night. I love this so much – sitting and talking. One girl Marilyn told us all the story of how she lived homeless on the streets in the Canadian winter for 3 months. This was a captivating story – too long to re-tell. I have become so relaxed on my trip – nothing is really a problem – I just know how things ebb and flow and how they always get better after being bad.


blarmey said...

Glad to hear your bout of loneliness has taken a turn for the better. I have just come in from Bristol/Bath and will spend the next 6 days in London before I go back for my last semester in SF. So much to do yet and so much of Europe to see. I wanted to go to Scotland (still might if it's cheap enough) but there's still the rest of the continent to explore. Fortunately, there's you and your blog to make me jealous and hopeful at the same time. Thanks for visiting my blog. Pics will follow soon.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget who your favorite panda is . . . love you, miss you, glad you're having wonderful life experiences! =)

blarmey said...

"dress somewhat nice"?? You kidding?

You a classy broad, toots!