Friday, August 31, 2007

Change of Events

August 25th, 2007

My fate was changed today. My departure to London to meet with my friend Laurel never came to reality because I was unaware that Frankfurt has two airports. The correct airport being 1.5 hours away by taxi from the airport I had arrived at. I felt completely helpless for a moment because I had no way to get in contact with Larel who was picking me up at the airport other than e-mail. I asked the airline companies how much it would be to fly to London form this airport, and the price would be 500 Euro. I started thinking of worst case scenarios in my mind so I could problem solve a little. I realized its ok, I’ll email laurel, she’ll get the message after waiting for me, and I can stay in a hotel or even sleep in the airport if necessary. So I went to Starbucks to calm down and get a tea. I opened my laptop and paid for internet and wrote to Laurel. I remembered that she had given me her London cell phone in a past email, so I found it and immediately called her after checking for a hostel in Frankfurt. Due to a furniture fair, hostels were out of the question, and hotels can only be booked for 2 or more people. I called laurel and by chance she had checked her e-mail before leaving the house – so luckily I did not cause her any inconvenience.

I called Christian (my Mom’s friend Suzie hosted him and his brother a few years ago in California, he happened to live only 40 minutes away from the airport) but his is the second time I’e called him and only received a cold, confused reception – and then we got disconnected, and then when I re-called him the line was busy a few times – so I made the decision he was not the right contact even though it would have been very convenient to stay with him.

I stayed calm because I know that I have a train pass and I have money. So the next thought was to talk to the train ticketing people. Prague was too far away…Brussels doesn’t have a train until tomorrow…but Amsterdam has a speed train that can get me there in 3.5 hours – I’m going to Amsterdam. Funny how fate stepped in today – I wonder what this diversion will lead me to. I have no idea where I will sleep tonight, and I arrive in the evening at 11:00pm.

HAHAHAHHA – On the train I had a funny feelings…which was only amplified when I started talking with my seat mates on the train. It was a nice mother and daughter who lived in Stutgard, which is in the south of Germany….Which is where this train is going to. Its about 1 hour north west of Munich – which is exactly where I left from this morning! When she told me this we started laughing and I felt so silly, but also like fate has changed my day completely. I was not worried in the slightest which must have seemed strange to the woman. She told me she knew of a hostel and she would take me to the information booth at the station to find it. Her husband met us both and they took me in their car eventually finding the hostel. Its really big and modern and nice. There’s a girl in my room from Chicago who k nows a lot about Europe and we’re going to the Black Forest tomorrow. What a funny change of events.

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blarmey said...

Lately, I've been in Bristol staying with some family. Wonderful folk, but a huge change from having traveled alone. You know, having to consider their schedules and not being able to bask in the sun on a patch of grass at a moment's notice. I get around by them driving me here or there and it's almost impossible to tell them that I'd rather just bus around the place and explore on my own. Least of all the "rough" parts of town where Banksy-the-street-artist's works are located.

"(S)He who travels alone travels fastest" - Japanese proverb. God speed, and if you're in London, call me via my friend: int'l +447736475571. Drop the 44 and replace with a zero if you are in London.