Friday, August 31, 2007

Urban Surfing and Synagogue

August 24th, 2007

Today was my last day in Munich. It proved to be a beautiful one – with Chris and Konrad I explored the Greek and RomanAntiquity museum where you could get so close to the statues you could give them a butterfly kiss. I saw Aphrodite and Zeus, pottery and jewelry. We wandered over to the English garden where in the river, the flow was so strong that men were actually taking turns jumping in with their surf boards.

The grass next to the river was populated by pre-teens smoking from Hookahs. This was an awkward sight because their mannerisms were so adult and their bodies were so childish.

I had the good opportunity to go to the new synagogue in Munich for Shabbat service. It was beautiful on the inside. The service was in German and Hebrew so I could really only participate in a few of the songs that I know, but the cantor sang with an incredible, heart shaking voice that made the enviorment of the temple so holy. I had not eaten since a piece of bread in the afternoon – so I was starving by the time I arrived at Veronika’s house. She picked me up from the train station in her 1 year old Volksvagen and brought me into her cute little home. She prepared a salad when I got there and re-heated a zuchinni pie and made me a pot of tea. I was so relieved to be eating and her food tasted so good to me. I kept eating and eating and we talked through my eating about our lives and about men in our lives. She is very intellectual and sweet. One of her passions is archaeology and she showed me a toe of an ancient greek statue that her team had found. She knew from the size of the toe approximately how tall the statue must have been.

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