Thursday, August 23, 2007


August 21st, 2007

Germany’s modern culture is infused with its own recognition and regret of the evens of WW2. Before the war, the Deutch mark had lost its value completely to the point where families began to eat cannibalistically.

There are discreet memorials placed around Munich’s streets representing the few brace people who stood up for their opposition to Hitler’s force.

Munich is the Beer capital of the world and its is quite common for people to be sitting outside in the Beer gardens with a whole liter of HeiffeWeissen. I found today the best meal on my trip: Chicken soup. It was perfect, and cheap The market place was filled with locals buying their food for the day and I was ecstatic when the cheese shop lady gave me a taste of cheese that fit exactly my desire.

I very much like the European way of shopping – where there is a special store for everything. I think it makes the food experience much more beautiful, I smelled herbs and flowers and fruits in the air and said Danke Sheun like I meant it.

Some new friends and I decided to take an hour train ride to another town near by and we wandered around looking at the architecture and beautiful river. Both of them are history buffs and it was very refreshing to talk about the meanings behind certain symbols on the churches and the way the city feels to us. I am constantly given good friends on my trip who reflect different parts about my own personality. We wandered for hours and missed our train 2 times, but sat talking and meeting strangers on the street.


Jonathan A. said...

Thank you for sharing your trip with us, Jessica. I'm happy to see how much you're enjoying your visit across Europe, and how much you're learning about yourself and the world. San Francisco is wonderful as always, and I look forward to seeing it fresh through your eyes when you return. Keep up the great blog.

KL said...

Liters of HeiffeWeissen!?! I'm soooooo jealous! Can you bring some back (smuggled in a Fuze bottle maybe)? Have you had 'SPAETZLE'? They're like free form noodles usually like pan-fried in butter and goodness.

mara said...

I used to have a dress like the one you took a photo of in the shop window. Please do try Spaetzle, it is delicious.See you soon in Greece.

Palo De Pedro said...

Ola Jess,

Please update your Blog soon so I may show Dop everything...

She is on the final leg of her NW train tour & staying at Sanderella's Villa.

We hope you're enjoying all the beauty the world is offering you.

Travel with health & happiness.

PS: Make sure the Euro's know; not all us Cabrone's voted for Senior Bush!! :-)