Thursday, August 23, 2007

A home of intentions

August 21st, 2007

Lately when I look at someone I have come to know – I feel the desire to weep because when looking at them, I see how beautiful they are. I felt sad to leave Jan today – just as I did when I left Lysette.

He came with me to the train station and bought me a box of these special little sandwiches from the Sprungli Company that have the lightest taste and texture. I hugged him goodbye – feeling like the world has become a little better of a place because two strangers had built a home of trust and respect out of nothing but our intentions.

On the train to Munich there are straps dangling down from the bags of backpackers above my head. There are sweatshirt sleeves and helmet straps all swaying above me. The girls in the group of seats next to me have messy hair and miss matched shoes, laughing about each others flaws and loving it. In the seats facing me there is an old woman watching her crossword puzzle and a younger woman who has decided to live her life looking old.

My hostel is big with nice, clean bed sheets and down comforters. I happen to be the only girl in a room of 5 other men. We all went to a Jazz piano bar and talked for hours.

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