Friday, August 31, 2007

You're going to be jealous.

August 30th, 2007

Can anyone say Monaco? Jesus I had no idea Southern France is this beautiful. Annie’s house has the most spectacular view I have ever seen, she is on a hill so you must walk many steps to get down to her house. Elton John and Tina Turner live nearby and it is utterly pristine and European here. No tourists. I hurried as fast as I could to get my swimsuit on and I walked down a whole mountain of steps to get to the beach. The Mediterranean water was easy to get into and I was swimming with an idiot’s grin on my face because I was so god damned happy. The sea is the greatest pick-me-up. I laid on the sand, next to an old topless lady who eventually started talking to me. I have retained a surprising amount of French, and within 10 minutes I had a group of 4 people talking with me saying how nice I am and how much French I understand. They want me to come hang out with them tomorrow at the beach at the same time – a very nice complement.

After turning down a cup of coffee on the beach, I climbed all the steps back up to Annie’s house where we had a small dinner party with her neighbors and friends and Gabi and Ulle. We all got a little tipsy from the wine and were laughing quite a bit. Annie taught me how to make a couple traditional salad dressings and we had such a fantastic time together. I have come to really appreciate company – I think people are absolutely wonderful.


Mom said...

You're Baaaccckkkkk...... My God it's good to hear YOU again. We were all going crazy. You sound so incredibly FANTABULOUS!!!! You make me very proud. Represent Sista. I love you peaches,
Mamma Leega

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica and all the Mayers!
Today, the 1st of September, we want to send 80 blog roses to your grandmother Anne-Marie who has her 80th birthday today. I guess she will be looking at the blog in Oregon?
Happy birthday Anne-Marie from all of us in Sweden!
Ulla, Ingemar, Ola and Gunnar with families.

Anne Marie - Dop said...

HI Lovey & all My Swedish Cousins up there in the North,

Thank you so much for your birthday thoughts. I have had a perfect trip in the North-west & now with Peter & Sandy at their farm in Oregon. I've enjoyed all the Blog pics & stories via Peter & Guy's computers. I'm heading home this wednesday & looking forward to writing - talking with you soon. Safe travels Jess & take care.

Much love, Anne Marie

KL said...

Zut alors! Tu a alle au Monaco?!? As-tu revenit?!