Saturday, September 8, 2007

Dad guess what I did

September 1, 2007

Well I must say I haven’t been doing much for the last few days. There I was sitting on the beach looking around at the fellow people…feeling restrained in my swimsuit. I finally thought “screw it” and I took my top off and closed my eyes. I could feel my heart pounding like I ran up the bleacher steps – after the initial exhilaration, I felt extremely comfortable. Its silly to wear a swimsuit top at all! – so restrictive ;) Less men look at you when you have your top off because they don’t want to be rude. Today is Sunday and most of the shops are closed. I walked along the homes in the tiny village of VilleFranche There are football games being watched behind the weathered shutters and people cooking their suppers. This is a wonderland of architectural curiosities, new color combinations, textures and character than inspired me to go on a exposition de photographie.

There were boys playing Spartans and Indians in the street and old ladies sitting and chatting about how expensive something was. I will hop on a night train to Rome this evening at 10:00pm, I am excited to be on the move again.

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Palo De Pedro said...

Well, isn't that special, you must have been the only one on the beach being topless. All I could see in the pics was women with their tops on. MMMM, maybe you should show us proof with pictures of other women with their tops removed so we haven't a reason to think anything we shouldn't of...

Any way, enough of that, I hope your enjoying yourself completely & take care, love to you!!