Friday, September 28, 2007

Back In Germany

September 24th

It feels good to be back in Germany again. I had the honor of meeting up with my friend Peter who is a homeopath here in Germany. He showed me around by foot in W├╝rzburg – which is an adorable little city. There are no factories in sight – only hills topped with vineyards, a river, a castle, and lovely roofs. The pace is very relaxed and it has a very academic feeling here. Many food shops are organic and I have tasted wonderful fresh fruit juice. The truth is today I don’t feel quite like myself because I am so fatigued. Tomorrow will be much better, I am just so happy I am in such a beautiful place with a good friend.

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blarmey said...

If you enlarge the picture of the cakes, you can see your fingerprints all over the glass display case.