Friday, September 28, 2007

Yom Kippur

We stayed indoors all day, I was on the computer…painted a little bit, and at sunset I went to the bet Knesset to hear the shofar -Which was not that impressive when I was standing outside. Everyone was wearing white, and it was quite a beautiful scene to see a Yom Kippur in Israel. Cars are forbidden to be driven on this day and when you stand on the balcony looking over Haifa…there are no noises – only the sounds of people talking- Quite beautiful. If you drive a car in the road, it’s actually legal for people to throw stones at the car. I stayed awake through the night and caught a train at 1:30 in the morning to go to the Tel Aviv airport. In Israel the security is so lengthy that you must arrive to your flight 3 hours before the departure time. My flight left at 6:00am which meant that I was at the airport at 3:00am – ready to receive my questions – which were:

What were you doing in Israel? Where did you learn to speak Hebrew? What were the names of the people you were staying with? Are you a member of any organizations at home? Do you ever meet with a group of people to do anything? What synagogue do you go to? What do you do when you go there? Ok, you’re free to go.

I felt like I could die from Fatigue when I arrived in Athens. I made my way to my hostel, and wondered around half dead for a while until I finally took a nap and a shower. Feeling much, much better but still not quite refreshed, I went to visit Antonis and it was very nice to see him again. I slept for a few hours and caught a 6:00am flight to Germany.


Ofer said...

It's legal to throw stones at cars on Yom Kippur?!?

You're too naive girl!

blarmey said...

Great painting!!!