Saturday, September 8, 2007

Wasted Day (a little)

September 2, 2007

I feel ashamed because today was a little wasted. I arrived in Rome after taking the night train (which surprisingly I actually got some sleep on) – I learned my hostel is actually near a beautiful memory of mine: Ostia Antica. I had to travel for about 40 minutes outside of Rome to get there, but the Hostel is absolutely wonderful. So clean. Right next to the ocean. Free internet, free breakfast. I passed out on my bed for 4 hours and at that point I was ready to re-visit Ostia Antiga. The atmosphere even right off the metro was energetically the same as I remember it. 9 years ago my mom and I came here and felt so special in this place. Unfortunately I had slept so long earlier today that the gates had just clased. It made me feel sad because I could see the beautiful ruins behind the bars. I walked away alleviating my frustration by saying “It’s better that they were closed because it will be dark soon and I will feel unsafe.” So I traveled back to the main staion and bought my ticket for tomorrow (I have to get to Greece to meet with Mara before going to Israel.) My train ride is early at 7:35am tomorrow so I won’t get a chance to see anything here. Its ok I know that being with Mara and her husband Arthur will make up for today. I’m glad that I see the value in a day and how precious it really is. You cannot get it back.

It was completely dark by the time I got back to the hostel station and I missed my mom So I got Chinese food – Asian food reminds me of her. Even the Chinese food is better in Europe. Toorrow is another travel day – I will try to get as close to Mara as I can – I can taste the greek yogurt already. Speaking of yogurt – that was a high point of this day – I found a place selling “Frozen Yogurt” which is different than from in the States because it is literally sweetened plain yogurt that has been frozen. You choose toppings like fresh strawberries, granola, honey – I think this is the perfect treat.

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blarmey said...

I agree completely with the effects of Asian food on me. In my last week in England, all I ever wanted was Chinese--sweet and sour.

Meat 'n' rice. It does this body good.

Reading the first sentence of your post, I thought you were ashamed cause you got wasted. Now I understand. But you know, wasting time, as Dave Matthews would put it, well, it's still worth a beat in life's rhythm, isn't it?