Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Decided to stay

I have decided to stay here in Wurzburg Germany for one more month. After making the decision, I felt incredibly relieved that I had done something which my heart wanted. I feel deliciously good and relaxed here, and although I still have yet to find a place to stay, I trust that I will find exactly what I need. I'm at a hostel now, last night I was kept awake by a couple who was having sex in the bunk above me. I thought it was pretty silly how they thought no one could hear them. That's hostels for you. But anyways - I've started working again from my computer - so if you know of anyone who needs a freelance graphic designer - send them my way :)


blarmey said...

Amazing stuff. I'm surprised you were allowed to take photos...or were you?

Jonathan A. in SF said...

Happy new year! Glad to hear you're getting so much out of your trip. Do you do websites? Let me know if so as I'm involved with a nonprofit that needs a makeover.