Friday, June 20, 2008

Discoveries & Cupcakes

My eyes have been opening lately to all it is that the universe has to offer. I've always heard "the world is your mirror" but never really put it into play until recently attending a "level 1" workshop put on by the aspire foundation. I learned that the world really is my mirror and those times when a person really, really bothers me, or really attracts me - it is nothing but a reflection of the way I feel about my self. Oh how many people I have purposefully not spoken to because I had judged them quickly - where the judgment was only a projection of my own reality. I've learned that no one can really hurt me verbally - anything they say to me can only really come from their own dream world - therefore how can they accurately judge my state if they cannot see past their own?
Each one of us is really a brightly shining star that has an infinite amount of energy to give and receive. Many of us are so afraid of being hurt by another that we hide our bright light by creating a game or mask around ourselves in order to prevent any kind of pain. I have learned that it takes being vulnerable and accepting the universe as a perfect matrix for our own creation and expansion.
This all probably sounds just like words with no meaning - I hope to elaborate with new examples. If you have never heard of the aspire foundation, I would highly recommend attending their workshops - it has absolutely brought more beauty and truth into my life -

Anyways - I've been painting , here's a new finished piece (yes it's a button on that cupcake) and one that I just drew out and will paint soon. I thought it might be fun for you to watch my process.

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