Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Post Europe

I must say - Leaving your home for 4 months to explore is a life-changing experience (which is a complete understatement). I haven't posted since I returned... There was a part of me that wanted everything to be just so upon my return. I had plans in my mind of how life would be - I would pick work back up right where I left off... Find a place to live quickly in San Francisco and be on my merry way. Eventually all of those plans happened, but they happened in a time line that took much longer than I expected.

During this period after arriving back to the united states I went through many transformations and necessary submission to the wacky ways of the universe. Spent time living with my parents, even my grandmother - the more I would try to control the circumstances in my life, the more resistance I would face. Eventually I just had to give up...allowing the universe to give me whatever it wanted. I found a place to live in San Francisco finally with wonderful roomates in a perfect location, and shortly after I found work - teaching at an Art University in Sacramento.

I drive between the 2 cities, living a weekend life in San Francisco and a working life in Sacramento where I can share my creative inspiration with my students. I have found it to be one of the most rewarding experiences imaginable. To learn information with the intention of teaching it to another is a powerful process. I believe I have increased my knowledge of my industry by at least 40% since I started teaching.

It has been 7 months since my return from Europe and I would say that I have finally adjusted. I am so grateful for having gone on that trip - I feel like it was fundamental in my process as a human and necessary for me to learn to depend solely on myself...not to mention some great photos and paintings. I believe my true essense started to leak out into my paintings during my trip and I found a way to truly let go and not think when I am creating.

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Michelle said...

Hey Jess! Great to hear the update!! Transitioning in life is always tough. To graduate and then travel for an extended amount of time is *a lot*.

I am glad to hear everyting is going well for you.

As wise Jesuit Brother once told me "Put your mountains where your mountains are, and your valleys where your valleys are."

I try to remember that everytime I try to make everything 'just so' as well.