Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Girls with power tools

Well I'm full throttle into gardening now... I've officially built my own compost container. I made all the calculations for how much wood I would need, went down to Home Depot and bought the lumber & screws and when I got home, I was a handy girl. Used that cordless power drill i recieved from my parents on some distant birthday and went to town.

So something I learned about composting is that there are 2 kinds of materials you can use for composting: Greens & Browns..
Greens: Any organic "wet" materials (like the scraps you collect from the kitchen)
Browns: Dried, fibrous materials (like dead leaves, papers, dried grass, hay)

When you are filling the composting bin, it is important to use the greens and browns as alternating layers - otherwise the wets will decompose too quickly and the dries will never really decompose at all. -Pretty cool eh?

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