Saturday, August 2, 2008


I'm off on another well deserved adventure.. I'll be going to Galiano Island right off the coast of Vancouver Island in Canada. To do what you ask? I'll be getting together with about 15 other odd-ball designers from around the world to sit there in a summer camp setting, talking about typography!

I would say typography is the science of choosing which typefaces (fonts) to use in particular circumstances to convey a message as effectively as possible. Fonts can even evoke emotions!

Here's the Link - I can't wait to upload my pictures from Vancouver and Typecamp, here we go, I leave the house at 5am tomorrow morning.


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Frog God said...

there should be an art camp
-where you learn any form of art you want
-exercise your skill
-be re-inspired

when you go back to San Francisco
-try drawing the silver/ gold street performers
-go to a convention (comic book/anime/scifi)

try drawing your students all together.