Saturday, August 30, 2008


Typecamp = happy fun time.

To recap - There were 15 graphic designers who came from all around the world. We had three instructors who each specialized in typography in their own delightful ways.
The lodge we stayed at - Bodega Ridge Resort was absolutely beautiful. It's like what the Russian River wished it could be. The island was silent. Nothing but trees, and the sounds of my own footsteps. I highly recommend visiting if you ever have that need to "get away from it all." - because you really are away from everything, except yourself that is.

Each day we would talk about design in a little lodge setting. We would pick apart why certain designs were better than others - in newspapers & magazines. Our instructors were definitely knowledgeable. I really enjoyed spending time with all of the people who came, everyone came from a different background, but I believe we all were so similar in the ways that we process information and enjoy the visual in this world.

With the summer camp-like setting I noticed that many of us felt free enough to express ourselves like children. Going back to boys vs. girls and hiding from eachother in the dark. The wonderful thing about the island is the darkness. You can see all the stars at night and some how, every day's temperature was so perfect, I did not even realize I was outside - almost like in a star trek halodeck. Galiano is definitely a place I would create if I ever get the chance to be in a halo deck. :) Here's some nice pictures of typecamp:


周游 said...

look every people all happy .

Frog God said...


Julie Bell and Boris Vallejo

animation mentor

computer graphic society

John K Stuff
-creator of Ren and Stimpy

Frog God said...

Do a blog on your last days at AIDT.
Your favorid student david