Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Well My Parents moved on to their next destination (my house in San Francisco) and I got to have a Parent slumber party along with my roommate & his brother. We trekked around San Francisco and got to visit our favorite places It's always interesting to figure out "what would my dad like" which is usually completely different from what my mom and I would like, although in this case we could find some common ground: exotic car dealership. Dad and I posed in front of some Porsches to imagine that they were our own :)
If you haven't discovered Korean Barbecue yet, let me introduce you. You, I'm pleased to introduce you to the MASTERS OF MEAT. They have these carefully crafted marinades that just really work and they cook meat in a way that makes you feel proud and lucky to be a carnivore. Along side any meat that you may order, they will give you a myriad of small side dishes which are a combo of pickled veggies or tiny dried fishes or other marinated items, that taste AMAZING when you eat them with your food.

In Addition to the korean restaurant, my Mom and I found this store that you must visit called "Daiso" which is between SF and Daly City. It's basically a Japanese Dollar store. I will leave the discovering to you. You will thank me.

Succulent Plants by the way are supposedly very easy to manage and survive in many different climates and don't need alot of sun or water. My grandmother is an incredible gardener and has this way of making her patio seem like a magical, well kept wonderland. We took some clippings from her succulent plants (which just means cutting off some healthy shoots from the main plant) and putting them into some soil. They looked kind of sad and floppy at first, but they actually grow a root structure extremely quickly. It's been two days since we planted them, and they are starting to look strong and are beginning to grow upwards. Its really a miracle.

To top it off, my roommate was gifted a Limited Edition Beatles Rockband game for the Wii which is probably one of the most fun things you can do with a group of people. I'm having a really excellent time over this holiday and really truly value my family time. I know it's a common realization, but as I've been getting older I've really started to become aware of how fragile life is and how our family really is so precious.

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