Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 6 Norman Rockwellesque Vacation

Good Morning :D

Here was my lovely trip to Carmel (One of the most beautiful places to live)
We met up at my grandmother's house who I have been visiting since I was a wee lass. Carmel is one of those nostalgic places for me, the smells, the little streets, the beach. This is one of the only west coast beaches where you can bring a dog-unleashed, so the beach is always filled with happy pups playing around with each other and their fastidious owners tailing behind with plastic doggie bags.
My family is really excellent. I'm so grateful that they are in my life. I think we've all gone through alot of changing together and working our quirks out, so it's actually really fun and filling to be with eachother. We don't really plan any events, so we just sit around talking, laughing, cooking, eating.
My Grandmother Dop (the unique named coined by me when I was a toddler) makes THE BEST pancakes. Thin and fragile, buttermilky/crepe-ish. They are paired perfectly with butter and her seasonal home-made jam. This time she made a jam out of a fruit I wasn't aware of called a "pluot" which is an Aprico-Plum hybrid. So the jam was ruby apricot colored and tasted like a richer version of apricot with hidden basetones. I grew up with this every time we visit grandma and I love that i can be an adult and still come back to it. It's good every time.
The homes and such are my grandmother's neighboring houses. The town really is filled with incredible custom storybook homes on teeny tiny lots. You should go there just to take a long walk and get home inspiration.
I hope you had a really joyful holiday, whoever you may be.

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