Monday, December 21, 2009


This is my current project. It’s about 2.5' x 4' in size.. This has gone through a full spectrum of steps, which is actually quite helpful. This was originally a sketch of mine which I created one morning at a self -improvement seminar. I scanned it and brought it into Photoshop where I used my wacom tablet to choose my colors and create a digital painting. This was a great way to figure out my values & hues – which makes creating my final painting so much easier – I don’t have any guesswork, I just have to copy what I’ve already done. I scored an old-school overhead projector (which needs transparacy sheets). I traced my original sketch and projected it onto my hardboard canvas (prepped with clear gesso). I really love hardboard because I can get some very fine gradients and detailed lines that I just can’t replicate with a textured surface like canvas. I’ll keep you posted.

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