Monday, December 21, 2009


I created this piece on the letterpress based on a quote that my friend Eli says “why say no when you can say yes” –Briefly after I learned of this quote, I watched the movie Yes Man with Jim Carrey and was inspired to create this poster.

It says “Why say no When you can say yes? Life is so much fun when you say yes.” The characters are created on one big lineoleum block that I carved into. I pressed it using a letterpress, then created the type afterwards using wooden block type. I was actually really limited to that particlar typeface.. All the other faces didn’t have enough letters in the size that I needed, but I think it turned out alright anyways.

Recently I got to show it at a small gallery space in San Francisco along with other students/artists in the “bookarts” category. There were some absolutely incredible pieces there, books are a beautiful way to use art to tell a story – artist books don’t necessarily need to be coherent, but they definitely should be captivating.

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