Saturday, June 16, 2012

New Home

Pretty roomy eh?

Inside of my new rig!

Ahhhh.  There's a great breakfast place here with home made buttermilk biscuits.

Well I finally figured out a place to live: It’s made of metal and it drives – it’s a van! I bought it from a co-worker’s pregnant wife who just doesn’t want to deal with it anymore.  I already feel better – it feels nice just to know where I’m going to sleep and that I have a space which is my own, not interfering with anyone else’s space. I get to drive and not hitchhike to work anymore.  The van is pretty busted, all kinds of funny quirks about it but it gets me where I need to go, and It keeps the rain out which is really all I need.  There was a boat that started sinking off of the spit and the captain ran it into the beach so that it wouldn’t sink all the way.  The picture that you see is of a tractor keeping it from floating out to sea, but they needed to get 2 more tractors to help pull it out of the water.  I guess it was a brand new boat from Washington state and a seam busted or something.  Bummer, but I was a cool site on the beach.

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