Sunday, June 17, 2012

First Day at "second job"

View from inside the restaurant
Best day i've seen so far on the homer spit.  

 I arrived to my second job at 10am.  Chef's style is to just throw me in and supervise but not help me too much.  I was proud when he threw me a bag of roughly cut napa cabbage and said “Hey, chiffonade that please” and walked away.. I knew what that was J I learned how to properly fry fish and to sautee it.  How to make burgers rare, medium or well.  Proper timing so everything goes out at the same time hot. How to set up the plates in the window so the server knows which one is which.  The tickets here are all hand written, so there’s a little bit of a food code I have to learn so I know what to make and when.  This restaurant is beautiful and all the food we make is so clean – we get freshly caught fish every day and It’s prepared simple and perfect.  We get a lot of sunshine and ocean view.  I felt very satisfied after my high-pressure shift.  Chef made me fresh halibut tacos with lime cilantro slaw, home made salsa verde, bleu cheese salad and an amber ale for lunch.   I did my best and it was sunny and beautiful when I left.  – off to my first job at the tavern.

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