Thursday, January 17, 2013

Arizona Und Wunder trip

Latest Trip: I've been commissioned to travel to Germany for a design job.  It's a dream fulfilled for me, since I began designing, my vision was to be flown to different countries for design work.. I pretty much got precisely what I wished for when I was about 21. Before my trip I drove out with my brother to see my parents in Arizona.  
On the way to Arizona

Mom had banana bread ready for us

She makes this amazing egg cake thing for breakfast with green chilis, cheese and cilantro in it. 

The Aloe was blooming

Found a picture of me when I was little.. I think I look the same

Cole's new Accordian

Sunrise on the way to the airport

Kuma-san after I left.  He looks bummed.  I miss him

Our new friend Mohammed made us Chicken Kabsa for dinner.  It was ideal.

He cooked it in the pressure cooker, then broiled it.

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