Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Ball in Chemnitz

A friend of mine who also happened to be staying in Germany contacted me, inviting me to a formal ball in the north east of the country.  I said "YES" immediately.. The ball was 2 days away, then I realized.. I have no dress for such an event.  After futile attempts of trying to explain a "ball gown" to shop-keepers who only speak German.. my wonderful co-worker Rabea thankfully took me shopping one afternoon.  We went to a small boutique specifically for evening dresses.  I tried on many dresses and found one that both Rabea and I thought was elegant enough for a ball.   On the day of the ball, I took a long train ride to the east, a town called "Chemnitz" which is a small, east German town.  People really do not speak English there, I met with my friend Goor - a very polite businessman living between Israel and Germany.  He showed me around Chemitz before getting ready for the ball. 
My lovely dress - Thick satin material

Food in German Trainstation

The sandwiches there are incredible.. Some with salami, some with brie cheese.. Lots of vegetables, incredible bread. I miss those sandwiches

Goor at the Ball

Chefs preparing the Buffet

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