Thursday, June 6, 2013

Last days of Germany.. Istanbul Airport.. Then Tel Aviv

Last days of Germany.  I have to say I felt a big like a warrior - travelling to a far-away land to complete a mission.  I don't know if I really relaxed in my mind the whole time I was there.  I did get the job done, and I did it well. My next destination requires a bit of backstory - It begins with a man. 
6 years ago.. on graduation day from my University, I happened to sit next to a guy who ended up becoming my friend.  His name is Ofer, who is from Israel and had just finished a degree in Computer Animation. Over the years, our lives took different paths.. until one day in December 2012, something reminded me of him. We started communicating through facebook.. then skype because he had moved back to Israel. Coincidentally, I was travelling to Germany for work and because of this, we decided I should also visit him in Israel.   In this post, you will see my first trip to Israel in Februrary to go visit him.. to see if we like eachother in person as much as we do over the phone. As I am writing this post, I am currently sitting in Israel - 4 months after my visit to him, still enjoying his company. I am happy to share this story and show you the beginning.
This was a weird breakfast - 2 pieces of bread.. Sauteed Potatos.. Dessert.. a weird Salad.

The Office in Rosenheim

On the last day of my visit, the sun had finally come out and I realized that there were mountains to look at - very beautiful mountains.

Things to buy in the Istanbul Airport on the way to Israel.

A liquor specifically for women.  hehe

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