Friday, September 14, 2007

L'Shana Tova!

September 12th
Well I feel like I’ve made an Aunt & Uncle + 5 new cousins. The lifestyle here is very easy to love. I’ve simply been enjoying being alive. I would have never thought that having 5 children would be fun…but I must say it is an experience filled with energy and life. Instead of looking outside of the home for fun, we all find it with each other. There’s nothing much you need besides each other’s company because it’s like a little community. Everyone is always in communication and we’re either at the house or a restaurant or the beach. Oh the beach – It’s always warm enough to just climb right in.
My new friend Lital took me to the famous Bahai garden here in Haifa and it was so perfectly manicured I could not believe. The Bahai religion is relatively new and was born from the mind of an Iranian looking for peace. The garden is set up on a very steep stretch of hill with steps leading a traveler on the way up to meet the temple in the middle of the hill. The atmosphere feels flecked with Persian spice and it invites quiet reflection and appreciation of the workers tending to its beauty.
If you want the best hummus – you must go to Israel. I sat with a group of friends in a popular bar in Haifa. I’m so content being at home with the boys that I really didn’t feel interested in talking to anyone new.

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blarmey said...

I know I'm spoiled by your blog when I look at your last post and think, "It's been three freakin' days, man!"

You are missed but your blogs will somehow suffice.