Monday, September 10, 2007

Shalom Israel

September 10, 2007
Yoni was there to pick me up at the airport. I have now been awake for 25 hours. We went in the car and drove all the way up to Haifa. I cannot describe to you how good Israel feels to me. I feel completely safe and at home. Ofra welcomed me to the home and I feel asleep for about 6 hours. The food here is incredible – The quality is so fresh and they have new combinations of foods that are uncommon to America and Europe. The season is changing into autumn and the sea is angry with waves about 2 meters high – which didn’t stop me and Goor from throwing ourselves into the sea. The waves were hard and soft, changing with its own moods and we ran back to the car fighting the wind. Tuli drove the car off-road up a rocky hillside, reminding me of home and we watched the sunset through the back window which Tuli claimed he created.


blarmey said...

There's a couple in the rear of your pic with the dude who are totally about to kiss. Good moment. Oh and you, too.

I find that I like Israelis as well. I met a couple of dudes in Dahab and they were the coolest, relaxed individuals I had met. It's a quiet confidence, I think.

You know how people, when on vacation or in a place they are only visiting, tend to have "more fun" talking louder and laughing more boisterously? Yeah, not like that at all.


Laurel said...

Shana Tova!